Authors of Paranormal Door

Crystal Lea

Author Crystal Lea is the proud single mother of a ten year old who should have been born in the seventies.  And while raising a holdover hippie has its disadvantages (think about it, really, how much tie-dye can one woman take?) the biggest lesson parenting has taught her is that you need to cherish each day as the gift it truly is.  Live, and love, like you may not see another dawn.  Because you never really know how precious this life is, and who wants to learn that lesson when it’s too late? 
Her passion and love of life, she hopes, is reflected in her writing.  I want to create characters that struggle just as hard as we do.  Their hopes and fears, dreams and longings, hopefully all of this is reflected in the characters and their decisions.  I never know where a story is going to lead me and by the time I reach the end, I’m just as surprised as anyone else.  Let the characters speak for themselves and you never know exactly what’s going to happen.
C A Hargreaves

C A Hargreaves is a freelance technical and creative writer for CinHar Freelancing Services. She has a Certificate in Technical Communication; and is working on getting her Bachelor of Applied Science (BAppSci) from The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand. She writes about women's issues, environment, and motivational topics. Her fiction writing is aimed at women with paranormal, romance and suspense themes.