Monday, 27 February 2012

The Cursed Collection

The Cursed Collection
Cindy Hargreaves
Children of the Curse
Book 1
Paranormal Door Read

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Klarissa is a half-being and is forever being stalked by her father who was the scientist that created her species. She is part faerie, part vampire her base form is human. She works with the shapeshifters and astralwalkers to try to protect others from her father’s warriors the Elite-Chaos.

The Cursed Collection is made up of short stories some have previously been published and others are newly written. They have been put together in this publication in their chronological order. It has 8 never before seen short stories.

1.            Children of the Curse – Prelude
2.            Interference
3.            Shield of Darkness
4.            Tomorrows Relationship Puzzle
5.            Funhouse Attack
6.            Solitude
7.            Memory and Power
8.            Stone of Destiny
9.            Shield of Pride
10.         Girl in the Dark

Book 2: Darkholes (This is a charity book, donate at least $4.95)
Book 3: Wings, shadows, and fangs



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