Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Heartbreak Guitar 2 - Sample

Heartbreak Guitar - Sample 2
Cindy Hargreaves
Paranormal Door Publisher

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Casper, Judd and Tyler were doing such a good job of showing her their merchandise that she ended up not only buying what was on her list but also a new stage amp, an acoustic guitar that was cheap enough that she could take it onto the beach, but still sounded nice. Six sets of strings, ten packets of picks, a guitar bag for her new guitar, and some sheet music so that she could play covers of her favourite bands for herself.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Heartbreak Guitar 1 - Sample

Heartbreak Guitar
Issue 1
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Xoe Mackenzie is a rocking guitarist, but tragedy strikes again and she heads home. She learns that going home occasionally teaches her to laugh again. It helps her to get out of the black spiral of depression.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Avery loves rock n roll

Hello awesome readers, how are you on this cool overcast day? Do we have any traditional romance readers still out there? If so the delighful C A Hargreaves (coughs: that's me by the way) has started a story about Avery who is a tragic guitar player and its about her going home and finding her roots.


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Come the Darkness: Chapter 1

Present Day

“Dude, have you seen this morning’s paper? Its nuts, man!”
With a sigh of frustration, Alec Gray continued to read his newest case file, trying his damndest to ignore the outburst of his partner, Devon Michaels.
 “No, Dev.” He said without looking up from the pages in his hand. “Some of us are too busy trying to work to spend all our time reading the gossip section.”
With a snort at his partner’s smartass remark, Devon tossed the Savannah Times on top of the file Alec was trying to read.
“I’m not talking about the gossip column, you jackass. I’m talking the front page article about the murder that happened last night. Our serial killer struck again.”

Friday, 2 December 2011

What's happening? 2 December 2011

Hello beautiful people, how are you on this day? Here at Paranormal Door we a fit to bursting. We are in the final stages of editing Come the Darkness which is going to be released on the 7 December 2011. And we also have On the Hunt due out as well. And I really hope to get The Cursed Collection done and dusted as well. It would be great to have all of these out by Christmas.

The year is almost at an end. I am starting to think about what I want to happen next year. The first novel we will be publishing is 'Nick's Delivery' the first series of Deliverer by Crystal Lea with some never before seen stories.

Isn't that exciting?

Other possible eBooks in the works, Come the Knight the sequel to Come the Darkness, and Angle's Blood the first novel in the Children of the Curse series.