Monday, 28 November 2011

Come the Darkness - Blurb

Come the Darkness
Crystal Lea
Hunters Rising
Book 1
Paranormal Door Publishing
PDF $3.60 (Can be read on desktop or printed for personal use)
Amazon Kindle $2.99 USD (Direct from Amazon website. Also listed on all other Amazon websites.)
ePub $3.60 (Digital Editions and Sony eReader, Kobo) 

A killer haunts the shadows of Savannah.  Women are dying and the bodies all seem to have but one connection, the mysterious Club Darkness.  It’s owner is a mystery, but a killer too?  That’s what Savannah Detective Alec Gray is there to find out.  Only Alec doesn’t know he’s in for more than just a few surprises as he heads out to take on what could very well be the case that ends not only his career, but his very life.