Friday, 30 September 2011

What do you want from Paranormal Door Publisher Blog?

I was sitting at my desk and thinking do you the reader want more from our blog than just a product catalogue? And if you do what type of content do you want?

This is my (Cindy's) thoughts: I would like to create a magazine type blog. I have always wanted to own my own magazine publishing business. And if you the reader are interested this is what I propose:
  • Articlesrelated to book publishing
  • Short stories 400 - 1000 words
  • I was also thinking a finance colum
  • Would you want a Health and Beauty colum as well?
What else would you want? Either make a comment or send us an email

The other question I have how often would you want new articles under each section weekly or monthly?

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Updates for week of 29 September 2011

Hi everyone; I am excited to tell you all that we at Paranormal Door Publishing have some extiting new things happening.

To start with when you buy indvidual copies of eBooks (as in not subscribtion based) you will be able to download them immediadtly; we have just partnered with E-junkie shopping cart. How this works is once you have clicked the buy now button and your payment has been processed you will be taken to the thank you page where you will be able to click on a link which will take you to the download page. The thankyou page link will also be emailed to you incase you don't get redirected once payment has gone through.

Issue 2 of Deliver series - Born into Death: Transition is now out. This follows on from Issue 1 - Sold into Destruction. Crystal Lea Deliverer sereis is addictive and each issues leaves you wanting more.

Paranormal Door Publishing is in the process of creating catalouge pages for differnt currencys to make it easier for our buyers. We will be starting with United States and New Zealand, but will soon be adding British Pound and Austrlia.

Feedback is always welcome so drop us an email.

Monday, 19 September 2011

The Cursed Collection - Chapter 1 from Children of the Curse Prelude

The night was dark, and the street lights cast and orange gloom. As Klarissa walked down the street she kicked a pebble; it flew a hundred metres, and the kick was only a light one. Sighing to herself she felt despondent because things like that always happened.
She was heading to Night Crawlers, a nightclub in town, following a lead on a possible half-being. That's what they called them, half-beings; not fully human, vampire, fairy, were-animal or any other type of being. They were a mix of a few, or all.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Things to be excited about

This month here at Paranormal Door we excited about issue 2 of Deliverer series Born into Death on the 28 September. And then on the first Thursday of October we have the launch of series 2 of Children of the Curse - Angels Blood.  You can now subscribe to our two series for $9.99 USD - Series Publishing Schedule.

What are you excited about?

Friday, 9 September 2011

Hello from an Angel

Hello from and Angel this short story is important to issue one of series two Children of the Curse.

“Hello! Anyone here?” Angel yelled through the door that was slightly ajar. She had a creepy feeling crawl up her neck. She was about to go through the door when it was swung open sharply by one of the most drop-dead good looking men she had ever seen, and she had seen a few in her time.

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